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Our history begins in 1990, when the idea of starting a family-run business first emerged – the business now being a rapidly-growing company, providing services in the area of upholstery fabric cutting and sewing.

The major and at the same time synthetic goal for our plant is its further development. Our experienced staff of over 100 people ensure the excellent quality of the finished product while the highly specialised equipment and latest technological solutions guarantee the precise execution of orders. Thus, our company boasts high quality service, timeliness and reliability, to the satisfaction of our customers.

The production process at our plant is based on several types of equipment:

beginning with a specialised cutting machine, through straight stitch sewing machines, overlockers, machines with side-cutters, and ending with single/double needle heavy duty lockstitch machines.
The many years of experience allow us to cater for the needs of our most demanding customers.
We expand our machine park on a regular basis, taking advantage of the ever improving technological solutions.
For the majority of the works at our plant we use machines from the German manufacturer DÜRKOPP ADLER.
For cutting fabrics, leather and wadding we use the UNICUT cutters.


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